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Samuel Asamoah Cobbiah

The project which is aimed at providing cheaper ICT services and products to the good people of Kumasi a relatively cheaper cost or price.

The project however requires a capital sum of GHS 25,000.00 to ensure a smooth start of the project at first stage.

Market analysis have been performed in that regard with a reasonable profitability over a long period of time.

The project plan to kick start within 60 days.



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Goal: 25K GHS





Justina Mobenda’s Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization that is into the provision of free education for the poor and impoverished children of school going age at New Ofankor in Accra Ghana. Underscoring the importance of education and the love for assisting these poor children, the Foundation has started Mobenda Preparatory School that is providing free education for these children.


The Mobenda Preparatory  School started some years ago. The School is situated at new Ofankor in Accra Ghana. The Pre-School, Primary and Junior High School are all housed on the same compound. The Pre-School is constructed with blocks but the Primary constructed with woods but neatly painted. The JHS one is accommodated in one of the rooms in the house of the Founder.


The School currently has a population of One Hundred and Eighty (180) with a daily average attendance of One Hundred and Fifty Three (153). The children in the school do not pay school fees, feeding fees, as well as exams fees. Everything is provided freely for them by the Foundation including textbooks, exercise books and other teaching and learning materials. Parents of these children do not have the means to pay for their fees and the Foundation cannot abandon them. If not, where lies their future!!!

The teachers are very qualified and are teaching the children very well. Some are university graduates and the others are coming from the Senior High Schools. The school children are equally doing well.

Despite the wonderful achievements of the schools and the future it is promising these children, the school is faced with near collapse. If this happens, where the future of these 180 school children lies and where do they go! The Foundation fears for their future if the school is dissolved for lack of support. All because the Foundation is now challenged financially and can no longer support the school alone financially. Hence, the solicitation of support from donors and philanthropists.


The most pressing need of the school at this critical moment is the structure or the building of the school. The school urgently needs an additional classroom by September this year to house the JHS 1 going to JHS 2 and the class 6 to JHS 1. And if this is not accomplished by September this year, the school might collapse thereby jeopardizing the future of these innocent children. The current structure of the school has to be converted into a storey building to create enough classrooms to house the school children. But the in the mean time, a temporal structure can be erected to hose the school children while the main project takes off.


Therefore, the Foundation is appealing to all philanthropies and donors both home and abroad to come on board to save the school from near collapse. You are invited to be part of this good initiative to give a future to these children some of whom might become lawyers, accountants, teachers and even presidents in working to make the world a better place for all of us. Every dollar or cedi donated will be properly acknowledged and accounted for and will be used solely for developing the school. The Foundation is fully registered with the Department Social Welfare in Ghana and this is verifiable.



The total cost of the project is GHS50,000 and its expected to be completed in September, 2016

God Bless You for your kind donation






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Goal: 50K GHS
Akpa, Francis

Liberty Pest Control Services Limited (LPCS) is a wholly Ghanaian-owned limited liability company that provides pest control and fumigation services to domestic, industrial and commercial customers. The company has been in active operations since February 2014 and has successfully enlarged its scope to many areas of businesses within the country to include the supply of high quality personal protective equipment (PPE), firefighting and safety equipment, supply of detergents, toiletries, disinfectants, cleaning and sanitary materials to its customers. Its main office is located at House Number ECG 441, Manheam, Brigade Junction Down on the Mallam Junction – Kasoa Highway.

The company provides the following services: domestic, commercial and industrial fumigation; pest control and treatment of gardens, lawns and plants. It focuses on the extermination of flying, creeping and crawling insects such as cockroaches, flies, spiders, bees, fleas, ants, termites, bedbugs, mosquitoes, wall geckos, bats, birds, centipedes, wasps; rodents i.e. mice, rats, centipedes, squirrels, bats, snakes etc.

The company’s services and products have gained acceptance among its clients in view of the prompt, excellent services and high levels of customer satisfaction it gives with the usage of highly refined and environmentally-friendly pesticides and fumigants. In September 2015, LPCS was awarded the International Star of Quality (ISAQ) award for Leadership, Quality and Excellence by the “Business Initiative Directions” based in Geneva. “Trace International” has also issued LPCS with a Certificate signifying that the company has completed internationally accepted due diligence procedures and has been forthcoming and cooperative during the review process. “Trace” certification underscores LPCS’s commitment to transparency in international and commercial transactions.

LPCS is sourcing funding of three hundred thousand Ghana Cedis (GHC 300,000.00) from an investor for the purpose of creating a development budget that will cushion the company to reach its goals. LPCS believes it will be profitable within the short term because of the attractiveness of its products and services to customers. The following are the uses to which the funds will be invested.                                                                        

  • To set up and enhance visibility of chemical shop for the storage and retailing of fumigation, other agricultural chemicals and inputs to boost cash flow.
  • To acquire a branded van specifically for the prompt transportation of technicians and hazardous chemicals to all locations to carry out assignments.
  • To purchase and store fumigation/agro chemical inputs for operational works and for higher productivity
  • To acquire backpack motorized knapsack sprayer, portable thermal foggers, electric and manual Micro Gen electric sprayer, ultra-low volume and low dosage dispensers for timely and effective execution of contracts.

* To procure and install  a ‘Sage’ accounting software/system in order to facilitate the processing of financial transactions, ensure compliance with financial covenants such as maintaining internal controls over project expenditure, and generate interim unaudited financial reports and other management reports.



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Goal: 300K GHS
Rachel Darko

I have been looking for the opportunity to venture into the Entertainment Industry where I can go into Restaurant business. The difficulty has been the location because of the high rent being demanded by landlords. For the business to be viable and profitable there is need to get a good location. I will have rent a place, get utensils and furniture. The estimated cost amounts Ghs200,000.00. I will not mine getting from donations and loans.



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Goal: 150K GHS

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